(a) Judicial functions include certain Union subjects and certain State subjects. So far as Union subjects are concerned the views of Law Department are required on the proposal of Legislation regarding status, property rights, liabilities and civil procedure, criminal procedure, criminal laws and law relating to Human Rights. It also includes opinion on Bills circulated by Govt. of India on subjects not specifically dealt with by any other Administrative Department. So far as State subjects are concerned Law Department deals with the matter as follows:

(i) Odisha Judicial Service. (OJS) - The list of selected candidates for OJS is sent to Law Dept. by the OPSC for obtaining approval of the Government and for verification of the original documents relating to their eligibility. 

(ii) Maintenance and Organisation of Courts of Civil and Criminal jurisdiction in the State.

(iii) Appeals against sentence in lower Courts.

(iv) Court language.

(v) Appointment of Law Officers to conduct cases in all Courts.

(vi) Appointment of Notaries.

(vii) Releases of transported convicts.

(viii) Probate and letters of administration granted to persons of European Extraction.

(ix) Legal profession (Odisha Advocates Welfare Fund Act, 1987)

(x) Registration of Mohammedan and Christian Marriages.

(xi) Procedure for submission of mercy petition and petition for premature release before the Governor.

(xii) Legal aid to poor through the Legal services authorities which have been constituted under the provisions of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987.

(xiii) Registration of Hindu Marriages.

(b) Making law relating to the following subjects: 

(i) Court fees.

(ii) Hindu marriage & divorce.

(iii) Adoption.

(iv) Wills.

(v) Succession of property of joint family.

(vi) Partition of property of joint family.

(vii) Transfer of property other than agricultural land.

(viii) Shree Jagannath Temple (Administration) Puri.

(ix) Hindu Religious Endowment.

(x) Advocates Clerks Welfare.