So far as Legislative functions are concerned following subject matters are dealt in the said wing of Law Department namely:-

  • (i) Advising other Departments of the Government on the expediency of Legislation, the competency of the State Legislature to enact such law, necessity for the previous sanction of the President or for reservation of a Bill for the President’s assent or necessity for recommendation of the Governor on such proposal;
  • (ii) Drafting of all official Bills and Ordinances of different Departments of Government in accordance with the Memorandum approved by the Council of Ministers;
  • (iii) Examination of all official Bills and advising all Administrative Departments on the subject matter;
  • (iv) Publication of Bills, Acts and Ordinances;
  • (v) Drafting of Regulations and their first publication;
  • (vi) Custody of authenticated copies of the Odisha laws;
  • (vii) Advising other Departments of the Government on the drafts prepared by them in respect of statutory rules, notifications, orders etc. or of bye-law to be issued by the Administrative Departments and giving them a scrutiny before their publication;
  • (viii) The preparation and revision of Odisha Code and Local Statutory Rules and Orders;
  • (ix) Republication of Bills and Acts of the Parliament in the Odisha Gazette in consultation with the Administrative Department concerned;
  • (x) The preparation and printing of the Laws in force in Odisha showing all amendments made thereto.